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The act of argument is embedded in the life job of law people in court, where the pitching of words in terms of arguing a case exists to either save or destroy lives.

There exists a practical method to construct the best argumentative essay which includes precision, narrative tone, and counterargument notions.

Before delving into examples of argumentative essays, we need to describe them. With this write-up, an upcoming writer will be able to give a persuasive essay that can match up with the real-world adventure.


What is an Argumentative essay?

This is a writing strategy that covers various opinions on a particular subject or any topic and includes real-life evidence, statements, and examples relating to the issue on the ground. This subject is based on a plausible matter that can be easily argued to bring out a detailed ideology. The background essence is to convince the audience of the point of the essay.


In this type of essay, the language tone is convincing and authoritative, which is also comparable to persuasive essay writing, where the purpose of the writing is to allow the reader to accept your point of view.


Taking online education as an argument topic,


“Online education is a means of learning on the internet with the use of search engines. This method can come in different ways but at the end of the day, the goal still ends up the same which is getting knowledge.”


Checking this, it incorporates the explanations based on factual points and also research deductions.

Argumentative Essay Structure

The argumentative structure includes:

  • Introduction
  • Context
  • Theory
  • Body
  • Conclusion



The introduction aspect should have a neutral tone while acknowledging the complication of the topic. This is the part of the essay that talks about the preface to the context, which is captivating content to get the attention of the reader and lead them to read the body of the essay. This contains an overview of the issue or topic that will be discussed in the essay.



“To buttress the point, the definition of learning is the ability to renew or add new ideas or knowledge for self-cultivation and growth”


  • Part of introduction

Hook: Example of a hook to start the introduction with;


“The creation of the internet in this era is a valuable tool in learning acquisition without breaking a sweat.”



The context of the topic should be from different viewpoints. The point should incinerate several findings on various aspects of life.



Acknowledge the opposing argument while making a statement of the point. This is the part that will show the essence of the discussion.



“The reason for engaging in conventional learning can be more captivating for learners than the virtual form but there also exist disadvantages factor. This essay asserts the possible advantages and disadvantages of conventional education.”



This aspect embodies the agreement pattern and the intended concerns to be talked about with an empathetic approach. It is the part that includes the main point of the argument, emphasizing the evidence, research, and other useful details.


The body set up

  • Topic sentence: Present the main point



“The online education method is favorable because it can be set and followed according to one’s will.”


  1. Evidence: Present the real-life point attributing to the point that will be hard to counter.



“Researchers have found out from the world’s education forum that people tend to fall towards online education instead of the traditional way of education because of its flexible design factor”


  1. Analysis: Show how the evidence relates and explain the facts to prove your point better.



“The ability to set schedules and learn for self-convenience, helping in time management with no restriction has made getting an education easy”



This follows a pattern that is based on shared objectives and settlement prospects. It can also include continuous discussion on shared goals. It summarizes the whole content by pointing out the key issue of the essay and also laying more emphasis on your point.


Conclusion content

  • Summary: Outline the main context


Example :

“Therefore, in closing terms, the rise in the world of technology has positively impacted the growth of online education.”


  • Theory support:Rewriting the theory part with more emphasis



With the ease mode of technological devices, getting an education is just a click away making it adaptable and any changes will not be outside the learner’s jurisdiction.


  • Closing statement: Close the paragraph with a call to a room statement.



As the world further advanced, education growth increased due to the advantageous flexible mode the internet has provided to the design of online education.


Tips for Constructing Written Argumentative Essay

  • Captivate the readers by asking a direct question that will give them room to think about and also give clear answers.



“Is it possible to get a quality education in the comfort of your home? While waiting or searching for the right school that you will have to commute to daily, this essay will shine light on a more preferable education channel which is the virtual way of learning, why nothing else beats an online education, and how the rise in technology has helped in online education.”


  • After a question has been raised, raise an argument and you, the writer, also challenge it. When you acknowledge your counter-opponent, it shows that you understand the topic and also gives you an upper hand in the discussion.



“It is also important to know the challenges that arise with conventional education even though my opponents support it. This essay asserts why conventional education is time-consuming and inflexible.”


  • State the main issue with an extensive, clear explanation.
  • Present a short way to the key points you want to use in the essay, which will equip your reader with what to expect and also disclose your intention on the topic.



“Various subjects arising from the topic will be discussed in the essay stating the necessary information to support the stance.”



With these measures applied to your essay, writing a standard argumentative essay is ensured. Following the right tip will secure a concise write-up essay, balancing the argument notion with well-researched facts.

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